• Transforming Healthcare

Innovation is at the core of API, and we are developing transformational products that can positively impact every patient in the world.

Each year, lives are lost and billions of dollars are wasted by the trial-and-error approach to healthcare we’ve adopted as a standard.

At API, we aim to make prevention the new standard in healthcare—which save lives and reduces costs. This radical shift will require equally radical new tools, tools such as biomarkers, which provide early warnings for disease development.

Proteomics, the study of proteins expressed by the body, has the greatest potential for biomarker discovery. Protein expression profiles are determined from easy-to-collect body fluids including blood, urine and saliva. They represent a snapshot of the current health status of an individual, a sum of the influence of genetics and environment. However, testing for such markers is not without its challenges.

In 2007, co-founders Dr. Danny Hillis and Dr. David Agus founded API to overcome these challenges. Using their combined expertise in oncology, proteomics, systems control and computation, API has cracked the code to developing methods that use proteomics to enable the identification and delivery of the right care for patients before they get sick.

The API platform is poised to give physicians unprecedented insight into their patients’ health status through novel, non-invasive diagnostics. From routine blood tests to dried blood spots, API is developing products with the potential to reach patients in virtually any care setting, anywhere in the world.

To learn more about the API platform, contact us at [email protected] .