• Introducing the SimpliPro Colon Test
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The SimpliPro Colon test is a blood test available only to healthcare providers to aid in the assesment of their patients’ colorectal health and fits seamlessly into their routine workups.

Compliance rates for colonoscopy are far from optimal. The laboratory service offered by Applied Proteomics, Inc, is designed to enable better compliance for diagnostic colonoscopy in patients presenting with symptoms associated with colorectal cancer. The SimpliPro Colon is also the only blood test that provides separate results for the risk of colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma in one report.

Our test measures and analyzes 11 protein markers associated with a risk of colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma. As a group, these proteins have been found to correlate with a higher or lower risk of positive diagnosis of colorectal cancer and/or advanced adenoma using diagnostic colonoscopy.

Its unique combination of convenience and performance makes the SimpliPro Colon test ideal for helping to drive greater compliance for colonoscopy among symptomatic patients, helping to make compliance the new routine.