• Convergence of Engineering and Medicine

API was co-founded by Dr. Danny Hillis, a leader in computer science and systems engineering and Dr. David Agus, a leading oncologist and trailblazer in molecular medicine applications. Dr. Agus saw protein measurement as the best diagnostic tool, but protein-based diagnostics were failing to fulfill the potential.

Drawing on his own extensive experience in systems engineering and particularly in designing complex, data-intensive processes, Dr. Hillis recognized the short-comings of proteomics were not necessarily the individual components but the highly complicated, highly integrated process itself. Given its inherent complexity, proteomics demanded a novel discovery approach.

To pioneer the best proteomics platform, API adopted an industrial approach to combine improved instrumentation, faster computing and extensive genome annotations with regimented standard operating procedures, extensive quality controls, and documented processes spanning hundreds of steps from sample collection to processing through informatics.