• Executive Team
Peter Klemm, PhD, President/CEO

Peter Klemm, PhD


Peter serves as Chief Executive Officer of Applied Proteomics. He brings more than 20 years of leadership in the life science industry building companies and creating markets for novel high-value products. Previously, Peter was the CEO of Predictive Biosciences, a fully integrated developer of novel molecular diagnostic cancer assays. Prior to his tenure at Predictive Biosciences, Peter was the CEO of GeneOhm Sciences, a molecular diagnostics company, which he led starting in 2002 and successfully sold to Becton Dickinson in 2006 for $255 million. Prior to Peter’s tenure at GeneOhm Sciences, he was CEO of JOMED, Inc., a Swiss-based company that develops and manufactures products for interventional cardiology, radiology and minimally invasive vascular surgery. Following JOMED’s successful initial public offering and the acquisition of Endosonics, Inc., Peter moved to the United States to integrate the companies. In advance of his time at JOMED, Peter served as senior vice president of research and development at Gruenenthal GmbH, a European pharmaceutical company. Additionally, Peter held the position of senior scientist with Aventis in their cardiovascular drug discovery unit and served as a post-doctoral fellow at the William Harvey Research Institute in London with Sir John Vane.

John E. Blume, PhD, Chief Science Offiicer

John E. Blume, PhD

Chief Science Officer

John E. Blume, PhD joined Applied Proteomics, Inc. as Chief Science Officer in September, 2008. He is a molecular biologist by training and has published research in the area of genetics and gene expression variation. In addition, he has developed an expertise for moving technologies from product development to commercialization.  Prior to joining Applied Proteomics, Dr. Blume was Senior Vice President, Product Development at Affymetrix, Inc., leading a group of over 200 for assay, software, and hardware development, bioinformatics, and product development process control. Before joining Affymetrix in 2002, Dr. Blume spent twelve years in diabetes drug discovery, first at Novartis and then at Metabolex, implementing novel molecular technologies for preclinical research and development.

Steve Martin, Chief Financial Officer

Steve R. Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Steve R. Martin joined Applied Proteomics, Inc. as Chief Financial Officer in December 2014.  He brings over 30 years of progressive experience in senior financial roles including leadership positions in publicly-traded diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies.  Prior to joining Applied Proteomics, Inc., Mr. Martin was the CFO of Apricus Biosciences, a publicly-traded pharmaceuticals company. Prior to Apricus, he was CFO and interim CEO of BakBone Software, where he led the sale of the Company to Quest Software.  Before that, Mr. Martin was senior consultant to the CEO and Acting Chief Accounting Officer for Leap Communications. Mr. Martin’s experience includes leadership roles in two diagnostics and tools companies, including as CFO of Strategene Corporation, sold to Agilent Technologies in 2007 and as Controller for Gen-Probe, now a part of Hologic. Mr. Martin began his career at Deloitte and served as Senior Audit Manager and has a B.S. in Accounting from San Diego State University.

Premal Shah, PhD, Vice President, Business Development

Premal S. Shah, PhD

Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Corporate Development

Premal S. Shah, Ph.D. is Vice President of Business Development at Applied Proteomics, Inc. He is an experienced business development executive specializing in strategy, business and product development for healthcare companies. Prior to API, Dr. Shah was director of business development for Genomic Health, a leading personalized medicine company. He was responsible for leading many of the company’s strategic initiatives including partnerships and M&A activities. Previous to Genomic Health, Dr. Shah was a management consultant at Booz & Company, advising top healthcare companies in strategic matters ranging from go-to-market strategies and international expansion to M&A. Dr. Shah received his Ph.D. in molecular biophysics from the California Institute of Technology.

Bruce E. Wilcox, PhD, Vice President, Laboratory Operations

Bruce E. Wilcox, PhD

Vice President, Laboratory Operations

Bruce E. Wilcox, Ph.D., is Vice President of Lab Operations and a Founding Scientist at Applied Proteomics, Inc. He is an analytical chemist by training with expertise in mass spectrometry. Prior to API, Dr. Wilcox designed ion optics for enhanced ion transmission, built a 12-channel time of flight mass spectrometer and worked on a wide range of application-based projects, including high throughput pharmaceutical analysis, protein characterization, biomarker discovery, petrochemical analysis, and space and military projects. He joined Applied Minds, Applied Proteomic’s parent company, in 2007, and built the successful biomarker discovery platform that is used by API today.